Top 10 Sources of Healthy Protein

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Published on June 5, 2015

Hi everyone! Are you sure you have healthy protein source?

Protein is vital to good health. It provides necessary building blocks for your blood, bones, muscles, skin and cartilage. Protein helps you create enzymes and hormones vital to your body’s most basic functions. While there are several protein sources available, some are better than others. Learning about how much protein and what types of protein your body needs will help you make the most nourishing food choices.

Protein’s most significant function is to increase, maintain, repair and restore your body’s tissues. Your muscles and organs are comprised almost entirely of protein, as are some of your hormones. Antibodies and hemoglobin, which delivers vital oxygen to your blood cells, are also produced by protein. Proteins in your body are constantly being broken down by the simplest functions of your body, and need to be replenished for you to stay healthy. Protein also helps you feel satiated, allowing you to consume fewer calories and still feel full.