Tips to Encourage Your Children to Eat Healthy Food

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Published on June 3, 2015

Do your children prefer fast food to healthy food?

Children are born with a predisposition to prefer sweet, salty and savory tastes, so getting them to eat the flavors associated with many healthy foods will take time, persistence and positive experiences. With your patient guidance and their personal involvement in choosing and preparing healthy food, kids of all ages can re-wire their taste buds to like and even prefer healthier fare.

Pressuring or bribing your child to eat something they are unfamiliar with or don’t like the taste of is not the path to success. Instead, start when they are young, offering positive opportunities to try new foods, one bite at a time. And since kids might need at least five to ten exposures to a new food to begin to like it, be patient with the process. Also, take them to the groceries stores, have them to pick the food they try to eat each week and let them cook as well. They like to be adventurous as well.