Tips for How to Cook Chicken Breast

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Published on May 18, 2015

As a low cost, versatile source of protein, chicken has long been a staple of diets around the globe. In fact, it is the world’s leading source of animal protein and has been a healthy alternative to red meat. Even still, chicken breast is the leanest part of the bird and has become very popular among athletes and people simply looking for healthy choices in their everyday diet.

The cooking method used for your chicken breast will affect the overall calories you consume. If you choose a high-fat cooking method such as panfrying or deep-frying, the overall calorie content will be higher. Keeping the skin on the chicken breast when roasting or grilling it is a good idea, as it helps to keep the breast moist while it cooks. Removing the skin before serving will significantly reduce the amount of calories. Low-fat methods of cooking chicken breast include poaching, boiling, baking and roasting.