How to Make Roast Ginger Apple Puree for Baby

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Home Healthy Foods How to Make Roast Ginger Apple Puree for Baby
Published on June 4, 2015

It’s time to introduce your baby to ginger puree!

This is such an EASY baby puree to make because all you have to do is place the cut up ingredients in a piece of parchment paper that you get to toss after cooking and then with just a pulse in the easy to rinse food processor you have a caramel tasting apple ginger puree that’s heaven for your brand new eater. This recipe is great for your new eater, and also as a kicked up applesauce for the rest of the family.

In making the puree, you will need some item such apples, fresh cinnamon and ginger and also paper wrap. The process is not too difficult, you just have to cut the apples into dice forms, pour the cinnamon powder along with some salt and also pour some ginger cut. The next process is to bake it. After that, take the ingredients out from the paper wrap and put them all into a blender. And the ginger puree is ready to serve to your lovely baby.