How to Make an Easy Affordable School Lunch

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Published on June 5, 2015

School lunch is the most wanted part of our school time, isn’t it?

School lunches are getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s not because schools are offering healthy and delicious meals. While many schools are working to make positive changes in the cafeteria, and reducing the amount of junk food that’s available, parents still have concerns and wrestle with whether to send their kids to school with a homemade lunch or let them purchase a meal at school. In some respects, packing a lunch from home has some significant benefits over cafeteria lunches.

And in this video, you will see two recipes of simple affordable school lunch. To make those recipes, you will need vegetables such, spinach, cherry tomato, cucumber and pepper. Also fruits such, grape, kiwi, strawberry, apple and avocado. And some other items such, olive oil, granola bar, tortilla roll, chicken, yoghurt, apple and hummus.