Healthy Meals for Teen Athletes

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Published on June 3, 2015

Are you seeking for kind of meals eaten by teen athlete?

Maintaining a strong and healthy athletic performance is more than just a matter of training, practice, and “keeping in shape.” Your kid’s body needs support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration, and rest in order to keep performing and responding at peak levels.

During their training, they need plenty of nutrition because they have high energy demand. Teen athlete needs to stick to high carbohydrate and high protein food. Protein is going to be important for muscle building and tissue repair. Also, protein powder is good to become instant protein source. Carbohydrate provides fuel that athletes need during practice or competing. Grains, fruit, and vegetables are good source of both carbohydrate and protein. Fatigue and injuries are both kind of sign the athlete doesn’t get enough nutrition. What you eat affect every aspect of you.

This tips help your kids to maintain healthy nutrition intake.