Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

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Published on May 29, 2015

When you are on a holiday party, you might find much kind of foods and snacks inside your friend’s or relative’s house. In that kind of situations, you probably eat those foods at will. But you know what? That way to eat will lead you to harm your own health. To prevent such condition happen. You should know the eating tips in holiday time.

The first, if you come to the party and see the line of food, see if it’s can be bought tomorrow or if it’s homemade. You may take the homemade food. Take advantage of the homemade option. The second is “2 of 4 but never more”. It means you should choose pick half of the food to eat, you should not eat all kind of food on the table.

The third is fill up before go to the party. Eat something healthy before you go. You can eat a bowl of soup, some salad or something that will not completely make you full but it’s not gonna leave you starving as soon as you enter the party. And the fourth is don’t drink calorie. Too many calories will mean many activities to process it, because calorie is not easy to eliminate.

The last is try everything once. Pick your favorite and go back only for seconds of your favorite. Try only one of each food, decide whether is It worth or how healthy they are.