Healthy Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy

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Published on May 22, 2015

Are you sure the healthy foods0 you eat are healthy?

Terms like multi-grain, 7-grain, and wheat sound healthy, but they may not actually contain heart-healthy whole grains. Many breads labeled “multi-grain” and “wheat” are typically made with refined grains, so you’re not getting the full nutritional benefit of the whole grain. How can you be sure? Read nutrition labels carefully. If the first flour in the ingredient list is refined (it will typically say “bleached” or “unbleached enriched wheat flour”) you are not getting a 100% whole-grain bread.

In this video, you’ll see 15 foods which are called healthy but they aren’t. those foods are; cereal, multi-grain and wheat breads, reduced fat peanut butter, muffins, trail mix, sports drinks, pre-made salad, fish, fruit juice, pretzels, energy bar, margarine, dried fruit, subway and fruit yogurts.