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Healthy Food Swaps

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Published on March 26, 2015

Eating is essential for every living thing. We as human should eat wisely. We should pay more attention of what we eat or will eat. In order to do that, food swipe technique is good for you to eat healthier and safer.

The first swipe tip is bread, white bread in particular. It is one of the foods that we all love. However, it has many white carbs which your body hard to break down. So, to replace the white toast, simply eat a wholly toast or sprouted grain. And try some natural toping such avocado, hummus, slice banana and peanut butter. The second tip is switching pasta. We all love pasta. Nevertheless, as the white bread, pasta has many white carbs, it’s highly processed. So, swipe it with quinoa pasta or regular quinoa.

The third tip is switching soda and preservative juice. As we know, soda has no nutrient and has no value. You should switch it by drinking the natural fresh squashed juice. The last tip is switching regular potato with sweet potato. Sweet potato tastes better than the regular.

At last, you should eat as clean and as unprocessed as possible. And, you can eat raw food which is always healthy because it will break down easily inside you, not like the chemical, it will stick around inside your body.