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Published on May 29, 2015

Hello there! It’s such a nice day, isn’t it? Well, in this video you’ll some item you can get in the market to fulfill your low carb food plan as well as diet plan.

For the first are meat (beef), egg and fish. This food is good for you since it gives you the best animal protein plus the omega-3 fatty acid which best for your brain. The next is the vegetables. You can buy lettuce, onion, tomato (for snack or especially for salad). After that you can search for fruits such as, a bag of orange and lemon. Fruits are also good for you because it gives you vitamin supplies. And for the canned food you can buy is, plain yoghurt, canned bean and rollmops. These foods give you vitamin and protein as well. And for the addition of beverage and food is, whole brown bread, mozzarella cheese, coffee and herbal tea.

Those items are good for you. But one thing is, don’t buy sweets. It harms your body, especially your teeth. As for information, always watch for some sale items while shopping to save money for sure.