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Published on May 28, 2015

This is a modern life, everything is packed in simplicity. And you know what? Behind practical things there is always shortfall in it. You can find it in foods you eat every day.

First of all, you might often consume a reduced fat peanut butter. It is less in fat for sure but sugar is added to maintain the flavor along with other chemical ingredients. So, stick to the natural peanut butter that has simple ingredients.

And the next thing is diet soda. You might think that by drinking this beverage can prevent you from obesity. But the truth is that kind of soda open a greater risk of becoming overweight. Also, the artificial sweeteners can give problem to your body’s normal response to sugar. It leads to a condition where your body can’t control the blood sugar and blood pressure. That’s why people who drink the diet soda are more likely suffer from depression.

The last is trail mix. Even though trail mix has many advantages besides its simplicity to be brought and to be eaten, it has many excess of sugar, sodium and calories. If you are an active person, it is not so bad for you because you have activity to burn those excess. However, if you are not busy enough, you should stick with unsalted or raw nut. In the end, natural ways is always be the best for you.