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Published on May 29, 2015

Every woman or man must have interest in having shine and healthy hair, including you. Even though you’re not a celebrity, you still want to have that hair, right?

So, what should we do to make that happen? Well, what you eat makes difference to your hair. First, to have healthy and shiny hair requires vitamin A to promote healthy scalp, it keeps hair shiny. So, eat carrot, sweet potatoes and squash for shiny hair.

And, you might have problem about brittle hair. The solution you can do to solve the problem is, eat vitamin C source food such as spinach, broccoli and kiwi. It is important because actually you need sebum from your scalp and to produce sebum you need vitamin C. The other things you need to know is, your hair is made up from protein. So, to maintain your hair you need vitamin B source foods such, eggs, Swiss chard and nuts (peanut and almonds). Also, you can try to drink smoothies to give your hair extra vitamin.

In addition, wild salmon has healthy fat and we need fat to grow hair. So, eating salmon and walnuts are also the good choice to grow hair. And when hair loss problem comes to you, it means you are in deficiency of zinc. Eat shellfish which have high zinc content to prevent and cure hair loss. But if you don’t have it, pumpkin is also good so for hair loss problem.