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Published on May 27, 2015

Have you ever felt guilty after snacking?

Snacking isn’t evil; it’s what you snack on that’s the problem. In fact, snacking is an effective way to control and even lose weight because it prevents you from becoming ravenously hungry and overeating at mealtime. And it helps keep blood sugar stable, which staves off craving and keeps the body’s metabolism combusting calories throughout the day. But smart snacking requires advance planning. You’re not going to find what you need in a vending machine or at a fast-food drive-thru.

So, to make your own guilty-free snacks, you can try one of these snack recipes in the video. Shortly, there are eight snack recipes. The first is nut-free chocolate raisin snack bar which is good for you who are really busy. The second is carrot plus hot salsa dip which only contain 61 calories. The third is fruit snack with creamy yoghurt. The fourth is frozen yoghurt ice cream. The fifth is garlic roasted chickpeas which is good for you who love to munch. The sixth is savory snacks. The seventh is chocolate banana-lollipop and the last is hard boiled eggs which is very good for increasing protein intake.