Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

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Published on June 1, 2015

Hi there! I hope you and your kids are healthy as you all should be. Well, in this video you’ll see about the benefit of fruit and vegetables for kids.

You might have problem when your kid refuses to eat fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, your kid prefers eating pizza to fruit. Pizza is unhealthy foods. It has little nutrition and makes your kid feels tired over weeks and do not provide energy to stay active through the day. There are many fruits that your kid can eat such carrot, apple, tomato, broccoli, orange and banana.

The benefit of eating carrot is that it’s full of vitamin A which is good for eye sight and keeps skin healthy and glowing. Benefit from apple is full of vitamin C which is good for fighting infection. And from tomato you can get vitamin C and potassium which helps you to fight old and nasty germs as well as keeps your heart healthy.

The other benefit is from vegetables, the broccoli. It’s rich in vitamin C, A, calcium and fiber. Fiber can make your stomach feels good and keep the heart in top condition. And the other fruit is orange. It’s rich in vitamin C and B which gives energy, keeps blood shell healthy and light skin. And the last is banana. It‘s rich in calcium, help to grow your kids, and promotes healthy bone and teeth.