9 Healthy Food Swaps Tips

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Published on May 28, 2015

Swapping food is the best way to avoid bad ingredient come inside our body. And, it is also nice for your better lifestyle.

The first is milk. If you are a milk fan, it is your time to switch from regular milk to almond milk. It is good because it’s more natural, gluten free and also source of vitamin D and C. The next is about rice swap. You can swap from regular rice to quinoa. Quinoa is full of protein, fiber, source of vitamin B and iron. You can also make oatmeal out of it. The other swap trick is from regular peanut butter to powder peanut, it gives more fiber and protein. And the fourth is soy sauce. This liquid seasoning can also be swap to liquid amino seasoning. It is gluten free and zero calories.

The fifth is about baking flour. The garbanzo bean flour and the coconut flour can be used to swap from regular flour. These flour is gluten free, has many protein, low of carbohydrates and t can lower the calorie   of the food we cook. The sixth is still about flour, but it’s for thickening a soup. You can swap to tapioca starch which is gluten free rather than regular flour.

The seventh swap trick is about pasta. If you are a pasta lover, it is good for you to use brown rice pasta because it’s gluten free. The eight is cream. To make toping for your baked potato or pasta sauce, you can use greek yoghurt than regular cream. And the last is about sweetener stuff. Rather than using refined sugar, you better use raw honey.