7 Tips for Older Adults to Eat Right

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Published on June 4, 2015

If you like the other people who figures out how to stay healthy, well it can be confusing. You might have difficulties when every time you turn on the TV and read a magazine or search the web about eating healthy tips. In fact, eating doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s downright simple. You can give a try of these seven tips on eating right for older adult tips.

The very first is, make have your plate full of fruit and vegetables. These are the main nutrition source. The second is, eat at least half of whole grain product. Choose 100% whole brown bread, pasta, crackers and also look for fiber cereal. And the third is, switch to fat free or low fat diary include three servings of fat free or low fat milk, yoghurt or cheese each day for calcium and vitamin D to keep your bone healthy.

The fourth is, vary your protein choices. Eat the variety of protein foods such, seafood, nuts, bean and peas, as well as lean meat, poultry and eggs. The fifth tip is, cut back on the empty calorie. For example replace sugary drink with water, dessert with fruit, salad fat such as butter with oil for preparing food. The sixth is, enjoy your food but eat sensible portion. Try using a smaller plate or glass to reduce your portion. And the last is, pick physical activity. Do physical activity you like and start by doing what you can.