5 Healthy and Affordable Lunches for School

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Published on May 29, 2015

As a school student, you might don’t want to spend much money to buy lunches, do you?

So, as the solution, you can make your own delicious and nutritious lunch.

So, the first recipe is shaker salad. It is called so because it’s a salad which place in a glass cup. To make it, you need cabbage, tomato, raspberry and cucumber. This recipe will give you various vitamins. The second recipe is milk smoothie. This beverage gives you calcium for your bone and teeth health. To make milk smoothie, you’ll need milk, banana, raspberry, strawberry and some ice cubes.

The third recipe is sandwich. As regular sandwich, it is so delicious as well. To make the recipe, you should provide cheese, tomato, baked brown bread and cabbage. The bread used in this recipe is brown bread because it is gluten free and low in refined sugar. The fourth is refreshing juice. It is not hard to make it. You’ll just need some cucumber, mint leaves, sugar and some lemon water. And the last recipe is chicken raps. It is so delicious and gives you protein as well. You have to provide lettuce, cheese, chicken pieces, and sauce. Wrap them together by taco wrapper and it is ready to serve.