4 Healthy Dinner Recipe

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Published on May 29, 2015

Is your dinner joyful every night?

Having dinner time is the routine activity of every person. It gives relaxing sense to person who is doing it. Well, to make your dinner time more flavor. Have a check to this video of dinner recipe.

The first recipe is cilantro lime chicken. It gives you vitamin C along with protein. To make the recipe, you need brown rice, garlic, onion, lime, chicken stock, fresh cilantro, chicken, cumin and red pepper. The second is salmon asparagus dish. To make it, you’ll need fresh asparagus, lemon, salmon, butter and olive oil. This healthy recipe gives you protein as well as omega-3 fatty acid which good for your brain.

And, the third recipe is vegan alfredo. For you who are meat lovers might think that this recipe will not taste good. But, this recipe has garlic ingredient so that it will make delicious taste this recipe. To make this recipe you have to provide garlic, lemon, cashew nuts, brown rice fettuccini and red pepper.

And for the last recipe is turkey beans & green stew. The flavor of the turkey will really go out and you’ll like this. You should provide chicken stock, brown rice, turkey, black eyed peas, diced tomatoes, onion and swiss chard to make this recipe. And as addition for your dinner list recipe, you should try another recipe to your dinner list.