3 Healthy Pasta Dishes for Athletes

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Published on June 4, 2015

Anybody love to eat fast food?

We already know that fast food is not good, unhealthy, not nutritious and full of fat. However, in this video you’ll see three HEALTHY FAST FOOD recipes which are made for athlete. Sounds unique right? So, have a try of these fast food recipes that won’t make you feel guilty.

There are three recipes. The first one is made by ingredients such, milk, spaghetti, tomato, chili and prawns. It is done in only 10 minutes. The second is made from, conchiglioni with pancetta, leeks and parmesan. This recipe is done faster, only 8 minutes. And the last recipe is made from penne with chicken and goat cheese. It can be cooked and done in only 10 minutes. All these three recipe is made from pasta and can be cooked fast.