10 Healthy Benefits of Bananas

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Published on June 1, 2015

Banana, This fruit is well known all over the world. It’s out of question that banana become favorite fruit because it has many benefits. You’ll find at least 10 benefits you can get from banana.

The first benefit is energy boost. Eat only two bananas will give you energy for work out in 1 or 2 ½ hour. Also it is ideal to eat it in midday when you feel tired and sluggish. The second is the potassium content. It helps your body to transfer oxygen to brain, as aid of your body to maintain heart beat and helps to prevent muscle cramps after exercise. The third benefit is helping your bowels. Banana helps to end constipation because the fiber content in banana helps improve bowels’ function. So, instead of using a chemical laxative, grab some banana.

The fourth is as mood enhancement. Banana has amino acid which is mood regulating substance. The fifth is as iron source food. It is good for your iron need to help hemoglobin production so that blood can cover fast in case of cut or serious injuries. The sixth is low in calories. By eating a banana you can indulge your sweet need without ruining your waistline and health. The seventh is fiber. One banana has 3 gr of fiber which will make you feel full longer. The eight benefits are refueling. Eat banana after work out to refuel. The ninth is manganese. A banana contain 1,3 mg of manganese which can promote bone health and metabolism. So for the last is that banana is free from fat and cholesterol.